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When considering their marketing roster for the year, companies tend to lump PR and event management under a large and mysterious umbrella that is “marketing.”

While many PR and event management agencies offer overlapping services, those companies typically work in conjunction with, not exclusive of each other.

After all, an event should not be the only way to communicate a brand’s message. An event should be a cog in the wheel of a diverse and strategic marketing plan. In addition, an event can help amplify overall PR objectives by providing newsworthy content.

What’s the Difference?

To break it down, PR is ultimately the management of a client’s reputation and the establishment of a communications plan to the public. Event production is, on the other hand, a form of project management that aims to create a great event. PR campaigns tend to be long term, while events are an established date/time and are meant to capitalize on a special moment or experience.


Because PR and events are most certainly linked, many of us can strongly execute aspects of both professions. For important, large scale events, it pays to invest in event producers that can effectively budget, plan, and produce a quality experience for your audience. Your PR managers can then amplify the impact of the event.

The long-standing relationships that event producers have with vendors and strategic partners will result in savings way beyond the fee.

Event Management Agency Vs. PR Agency: What’s the Difference?Select an event Mmanagement agency to effectively budget, plan, and produce a quality experience. Select a PR agency to manage your reputation long-term.

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