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Eleven Events is a full service event planning agency. Our specialty is experiential marketing, which immerses your attendees in an unforgettable experience. Food, drinks, music, speakers, venue—we coordinate every piece of your event’s puzzle, while keeping a steady eye on the big picture. A professional, polished event is what you see. A brand-to-client connection is what you get.

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Eleven Events was founded by two close friends with previously established careers in event production. Casey brought her passion for creating live music experiences, both for international brands and live audiences. Christy brought her strategic approach as a corporate event producer. Shaken together like a great cocktail, the pair develops and executes larger-than-life concepts.

Although an Eleven event is unique, we use tested and proven processes to make it all come together. We hash out your vision for your event, no matter how detailed—or vague. Then we begin designing each aspect of the event, from graphics for signage and marketing to environment and interiors. We activate your team of vendors, handling all of the negotiations and triple-checking so you don’t have to. We are present and active during execution, ensuring that on a scale of 1 to 10, your event is an Eleven.

AboutEleven Events is a full service event planning agency in Greenville, SC. Through experiential and live marketing events, Eleven Events create experiences.

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