A Seamless Brand Experience for Facebook’s Small Business Initiative

Facebook Community Boost is a multi-city TED-style event designed to promote advertising services to local small businesses. Eleven Events produced the event in Greenville, SC (May), New Orleans, LA (August), Atlanta, GA (September), Charlotte, NC (November), Springfield, IL (December), and Little Rock, AK (December).

Eleven Events successfully provided venue sourcing and production support to the experiential team hired to manage the 40-city mobile tour for Facebook’s small business initiative. Originally hired to produce only Greenville, SC, Eleven became a trusted extension of the On Board Experiential team.

eleven events is an experiential marketing even production agency based in greenville sc our clients facebook community boost

4-5 Per Event
Southeast US
3 Days Per Event
$450k Per Event
1600 Per Event
Marketing Software & Services